Poems About Working in the Yard

While my hands were busy in the dirt, my mind wandered on creative shores…

I took advantage of the cool, overcast weather and spent the day outside working in my yard. As anyone who has driven past my house at anytime in the last two years can tell you, we’ve been ‘putting in’ our yard. Even though the comment we most often get when giving tours of our house is “Wow! It just keeps going!”, I can attest that there is still plenty of our long, skinny half acre that is not house. Today I put the last of the sprinklers in the front. While my hands were busy in the dirt, my mind wandered on creative shores…

Clay Sucks – by Josie Hulme

Clay sucks.

My shovel groans

as I stab its blade

into the hard earth.

The tip grates on rock.

I move to the other side

and try again.

I scrape and pry—

Different angles,

Different directions.

Until, at last, the small

rock pops free and smirks

at me from the bottom of my hole.

Gravel sucks, too.

Laying Sprinkler Pipe, a haiku – by Josie Hulme

The pickax speeds down—

Me and gravity, a team.

The trench grows longer.

The Joy of Hard Work – by Josie Hulme

Hard work brings peace to your mind,

Puts your troubles behind

you for a bit.


Hard work makes you one with God.

You can’t help but applaud

His creation.


Hard work let’s you see your feat—

Visual, real, concrete—

Your mark on the world.


Hard work is good for your soul,

Though it does take a toll

on your body.


Author: Josie Hulme

Josie Hume is the author of several published short stories and articles including The Cottage, Waiting for You, and Raising Kids. Her love affair with writing started at an early age—her first work was a Christmas play written on an old typewriter and performed by her siblings. Since then, she’s enjoyed writing about her modern-day pioneer up-bringing, her year abroad, her adventures in the Marine Corps, the twists and turns and tales that spin in her mind, and the continuing romance of a wonderful life. When she’s not writing, she’s building her house, playing with her five kids, traveling with her husband, or curled up with a good book.

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