On The Lake

But the grandeur of this natural marvel isn’t the only reason I love it. I have come to realize that Lake Powell is more than just the sum of its parts.

I grew up going to Lake Powell every year. First with my mother’s aunt and uncle and cousins when the lake was first filling up, and then with my own Aunt when that first group got too big. (Who are we kidding? That group started out too big! But eventually, when all those cousins started having kids…) Now we go on alternating years with my sister and her family – and I’m so grateful for them for continuing the tradition for my own children. There’s no place like Lake Powell, and although the argument against the Glen Canyon dam is compelling and reading about the wonders that were buried when it was built breaks my heart, there’s still a love for the ease, enjoyment, and beauty of spending a week on the lake with family.

On The Lake

God was having a good day when He created Lake Powell. I am in awe of its beauty and stand in reverent gratitude for the men and women, both past and present, who have worked tirelessly to preserve and improve this incredible area. But the grandeur of this natural marvel isn’t the only reason I love it. I have come to realize that Lake Powell is more than just the sum of its parts. On this lake I have found

People as varied as the tumbled rocks, separate but together, a strong anchorage

Laughter as endless as the starry sky

Friendship as steady as the red rock cliffs

Love as deep as the river

Family as constant as the waves lapping at the sand beach, never-ending and eternal

Wonder as fantastical as the winding corridors

Faith as peaceful as the morning water

Joy as bright as the sun

Author: Josie Hulme

Josie Hume is the author of several published short stories and articles including The Cottage, Waiting for You, and Raising Kids. Her love affair with writing started at an early age—her first work was a Christmas play written on an old typewriter and performed by her siblings. Since then, she’s enjoyed writing about her modern-day pioneer up-bringing, her year abroad, her adventures in the Marine Corps, the twists and turns and tales that spin in her mind, and the continuing romance of a wonderful life. When she’s not writing, she’s building her house, playing with her five kids, traveling with her husband, or curled up with a good book.

2 thoughts on “On The Lake”

  1. I enjoyed your thoughts and will add my own verse about Lake Powell which I first visited in 1964 at age ten.

    Night-as the dark deepens a flash mob of stars appears spotlighting me amid the grandeur of the landscape
    Dawn – the still water mirror reveals my expression of childish wonder as lake, cliffs and sky blend in a seamless reflection which I am privileged to share
    Day – the wind sand blasts me, as it has the hoodoos, and could carve something magnificent out of my stubborn flesh if I would only stand still long enough, but my goal is a distant peak
    Evening – Slipping out of my hot boots, I hear the whistling whisper of the wind’s timeless voice singing “let it go, let it all go, in this wide open space there is only room for peace”
    Night again, but for how many more agains – the breeze kisses me goodnight and the voice I have learned to love so well coos a melody of sweet comfort “No worries, only peace, for dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return–the cliffs, the water, the sky–we are family


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